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WE (me,myself & I) are thinking of a NEW TV SHOW.......BIG MOTHER
The plot will go something like this

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Illustration: Relaxing in the bath

We rent a house in a Rich Suburban neighborhood, our first and foremost occupant will be BIG MOTHER who just happens to be a "MADAM" .  There she will preside over 5 lovely ladies of the night and we will choose 10 BACHELORS who will fight every INCH of the way to make it to the top of the heap and win a prize if he comes out on top.  We will have cameras rolling 24 hours a day every day and charge an outlandish fee for the computer viewer to see what is really going on.
The show would air on Monday evenings at 10 pm. where the bachelors would have to vie for the attention of not only one or more of the girls but BIG MOTHER herself (she is the judge). There will only be 9 beds to start, therefore if a bachelor did not score good in any of the daily contests he would have to sleep on the couch...(hmm some married men know about this). We would not know if the original 10 men were straight or gay thus adding a new dimension to the bedroom scene, use your imagination !
Now then the ladies in the house may DO ANYTHING they want to make the bachelors BEG, except to GO ALL THE WAY this will not be allowed because it will really keep these guys excited and on edge all during the 8 weeks of programming.  

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